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Saturday, October 17, 2009

a little mini-golf

Buddy was excited ~ and checking the clock ~ all day long today! He was invited to a birthday party at 3 o'clock ... which was to include mini-golfing and pizza! (Buddy, by the way, had never been mini-golfing.) This afternoon, he made a birthday card for his friend. Naturally, I wanted to see the card before he stuffed it in the gift bag ... and this is what I saw ...


Upon further inspection, I noticed some tiny drawings down near the bottom ...

"There's hardly anything on this card, Buddy." I remarked casually.
"Yes, there is. There's a little golf club, a little golf tee, and a little golf ball ... because we're going mini-golfing." He explained ... and wondered, I think, why I was so slow to catch on.
"If we were going regular golfing ... I would have drawn it all bigger." Of course!!!
Isn't that cute? It's so him ~ I love it!

NOTE: They ended up going bowling instead. Buddy, of course, had a super fun time nonetheless :)

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MUM said...

That is so cute!!!! What a smart, clever boy you have there!