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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

a little news

As I was tucking Foofie in for the night she said,
"I'm gonna smile all night long."
"Why?" I questioned.
"'Cause I want to."

Buddy received a new writing assignment today. Basically, you are to do a story similar to the well-known If You Give A Mouse A Cookie ... giving the mouse something else, of course. (Two years ago, Halo did this and hers was If You Give A Mouse An Apple. It's really cute ... maybe I'll dig it out sometime and blog it.) Anyway, Buddy told me he is going to do If You Give A Mouse A Rifle ... boys will be boys! Perhaps he'll have to change it though, if he can't get very far with the rifle idea.

And now ... to praise my sweet Halo ... on the dining room table, I discovered a pair of paper binoculars that she had crafted with a little note attached ... apparently for a classmate of hers at church who is moving. The note read ... "This is to remind you of me. It means: even if you can't see me with binoculars you know I am your friend always even if you are in Florida. My phone number is ... if you want to talk to me just call. I will be at home. Your loving friend Halo."


Suzanne said...

That is so sweet about the binoculars! So sweet...

LBB said...

Sweet little snippets of life! Halo is such a thoughtful, sweet girl! :)