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Sunday, December 14, 2008

a little about naming

I'm not the most decisive when it comes to naming children. Our first experience was fairly easy because I was set on a girl's name and thankfully ... we had a girl! Our son, our second child, was named pretty quickly ... but I wavered over his middle name and we ended up changing it several hours later. Our third child didn't even have a name until she was a week old! She arrived ten days early and I wasn't prepared for that ... but it's likely I would have struggled with naming her even if she arrived on time.

So ... now I'm expecting number four. My children ~ and my oldest daughter especially ~ have tried to brainstorm names a few times already. The last time went something like this ...

"So ... do you want a fancy and intelligent name like Victoria or Anitadene or Audrea?" Halo questioned.
"I don't think I want fancy," I replied.
"You know ... Victoria is a queen's name," she continued in her persuasive manner.
"Do you want a regular kind of name?" she asked next. "Like Bob or Harry or Larry or Jerry?"
(Now I'm thinking 'Veggie Tales' ... you know, Bob & Larry.)
"No ... I don't think so," I answered.
"The baby should be Kelly," said Foofie.
"How about Rick or Todd?" asked Buddy.
"No thanks."
"Kelly," blurted Foofie.
"But those are the names of the Polly Pocket boys! I like those names," he continued.
"They are fine names ... just not what I have in mind."
"Kelly. I want the baby to be Kelly."
"No, I don't think Kelly is the right name either," I concluded.

Don't tell my kids ... but I'm going to figure out names by myself ;)


LBB said...

What a funny story! I'm definitely liking "Larry" if its a boy and "Anitadene" if its a girl. ;)

Suzanne said...

LOL! When we named Lily, our older kids were horrifically apalled because at the time, their cousins had a dog named "Lily" and to them it was as if we were naming the baby "Spot" or "Rover." I love all your choices of names so far and can't wait to meet the newbie!

dana said...

Funny story about naming Lily!