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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

a little mishmash

Hello!!! It's been awhile ... so I've got several stories and snippets to share from the past few weeks.

One afternoon, after some shopping (and trying items on) at the mall, we were finally back in the car. Foofie declared, "That was sucking me out!" "Oh," I replied. "You mean it was stressing you out?" "No, it was sucking me out." She repeated.

A few days later, Foofie was studying a ruler that has photos of all of the U.S. Presidents on it. After a bit, she came running over to me and pointing to President Eisenhower, she exclaimed, "That's Pastor King! That's Pastor King!"

Last week, we went to visit Great-Grandpa. There was a traveling petting zoo at his nursing home. After seeing the cow, the llama, the pony, the sheep, the goats, the chickens, the ducks, and the rabbits ... Foofie asked, "Are there elephants here?"

A few nights ago, Foofie ended her bedtime prayer with, "And thank you for the yummy squash. Amen." "But," I reminded her, "You didn't eat any." (She didn't even try it.) "I loved it!" She told me. "Buuuuut ... I didn't like it. But I did see YOU eating it!!!"

Just this evening, we were watching the Presidential Debate ... and Foofie asked what someone's name was. "That's Mr. Brokaw." I answered. "Why did God made his name Mr. Brokaw? Is he broken?" She asked.

This is somewhat obvious, but most of my current funny stories are about my three-year-old ... mostly because she's three. Really young kids often aren't even aiming to be humorous ... they just are ... partially because they have a smaller vocabulary and understanding of things. My older two provided me with plenty of comical sayings and doings to record when they were two and three and four. All this to say, I have less anecdotes at present about my two older kids. Here, however, are a couple of stories about my son and one about my oldest daughter.

We were in the restroom at Target last week. Buddy said, "I remember when I used to be scared of the black-seated potties." (I never knew!)

I was trying to squeeze a bit of a walk in one evening last week. It was almost dark and I was just going up and down our street several times. Buddy was biking by me and a neighbor girl was following along with us. Buddy started singing, "K. T. I. S. Come, now is the time to worship." Then he said to the neighbor friend, "I have a radio on my bike."

Last but not least, my oldest daughter planned a spelling bee. Actually, a spelling match ~ between herself and Daddy. She was going to spell some of her school spelling words and Daddy was going to spell words from a list she made. Some of his words were: microsoft, outlook, document. She was sitting at his desk :) She also selected some words from the dictionary. Buddy was the scorekeeper. Daddy officially won, but Halo did very well. She's a swell speller :)

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