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Thursday, September 4, 2008

a little about autumn ~ a little bit early

I love tank tops and flip flops ... ice cream and baked beans (especially if my Mom made 'em). So, I'm a little sad that summer is already saying farewell.

The cool, fall weather seemed to arrive in a hurry. I don't think I've ever used my car seat-heater in September before!

My first thoughts about autumn are: less sunlight, cooler temperatures, squash, back to school, and shopping ~ because the kids have outgrown most of their clothing. The best things from this list are squash (I love it!) and school. The "big kids" were bubbling with excitement to go back to their homeschool group on Tuesday ... and we started our own school on Wednesday. A new beginning is always nice!

Here's a little story about the last item on my fall list ~ shopping & outgrown clothes.
Foofie and I were going through some of her old clothes.
She would pick something up and say, "I can wear this!"
"That's too small now." I'd respond.
Then she'd find something else. "This is good for me!"
"No honey, that's too small now too."
(This continued on for a while ...)
Finally, Foofie grabbed some green pants and hopefully declared, "These are not too small now, Mommy! These got big and fat! See? BIG and FAT!"
They were too small, but I didn't want to quash her enthusiam.
"Perhaps we can just fold them up on the bottom and you can wear them as capris now." I offered.

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LBB said...

I'm definitely missing the long summer daylight hours too...but I bought my first butternut squash this week ~ Yum! Cute Foofie story! :)