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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

a little praying

A couple of nights ago, Jeff was tucking Foofie in for the night and we had already all prayed together a short while before. Foofie asked if she and Daddy could pray again.

"Of course," Daddy replied.
"Could we pray three times tonight?" Foofie questioned.
"Five?" She asked.
"Yes," said Daddy.
Foofie giggled and gasped and put her hand over her open mouth as though astounded.
"Seven?" She continued.
More giggling and gasping and covering her gaping mouth.
"How about ten times?"
"Yes, we could even pray ten times. In fact, the Bible says to pray all the time ... to pray without stopping." Daddy answered.

"It also says to pray without ceasing," Foofie added.

Note: She didn't come up with this on her own ... but it was cute nonetheless. Jeff was teaching the kids about this a few weeks ago during what the kids have titled "Bible Time". Her attention wanders sometimes ... so we were glad to see she remembered this.

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