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Thursday, July 31, 2008

a little Scrabble chat

I think it's so wild that I can play Scrabble with people from all over the world ~ from Argentina and Australia ... from New York and California ... from Florida and Canada. And sometimes ... we have a lively "conversation" alongside our game.

I've tried to share the gospel while playing online Scrabble a couple times in the past. Tonight, however, I was playing with a fellow believer ... and we had an encouraging "chat". Here's an excerpt ... you can listen in ...

danajet: hi:) who ya winning for?
win4him: hi. the lord of course.
(then I used all of my letters ... we call this a bingo ... it was fainter for 77 points)
win4him: vn (scrabble code for very nice ... about my bingo)
danajet: thanks.
danajet: do you mean YHWH?
win4him: yes. are you a believer?
danajet: yes, i'm born again.
danajet: where do you live?
win4him: rancho mirage, california
danajet: so ... what kind of a Christian are you?
win4him: well, a faithful one i hope. i go to a non denominational church.
danajet: a big one?
win4him: 300
danajet: heard of way of the master radio?
win4him: no
danajet: it's an excellent radio show
win4him: cool
danajet: today's show was really interesting
win4him: thanks I'll check it out
(then I got another bingo ... equines for 91 points)
win4him: wow you're killing me
danajet: it's mostly about evangelism ... but today's show was more about some current events
win4him: definitely living in interesting times
danajet: no kidding ... crazy world!
win4him: great score thanks for playing may god bless you
danajet: u 2
win4him: ty (thank you)
danajet: share the gospel!
win4him: amen
win4him: i try to all the time ... and sometimes i even use words
danajet: we always need to use words when sharing the gospel
danajet: i know it's not easy ... but if no one ever used WORDS the gospel would never have spread in the first place
win4him: absolutely
danajet: we'll play again sometime
win4him: thank you good night

There's this extremely popular quote from St. Francis of Assisi that he likely was alluding to. It says, "Preach the Gospel at all times ~ if necessary, use words." Lots of Christians have eagerly embraced this idea ~ which is not substantiated in the Bible ~ and unfortunately ... they end up seldom, if ever, using their words. This quote provides an easy justification for staying silent ~ but I know I can never be good enough or nice enough for someone to magically understand these things: their exceeding sinfulness, their destination because of sin, their need of a Savior, the holiness of God, what God has done to cover the sins of those who repent & believe, and how to get forgiveness. Yes, we should try to be nice and do good ... but not to the exclusion of proclaiming the gospel.

In junior high & high school I tried sharing the gospel by my "lifestyle" ... and never once did I actually verbally share the gospel. "Lifestyle evangelism" is a sham, a cop out. Just think how many people I passed by because I was taught that this was an acceptable way to make disciples! Satan must love this "lifestyle evangelism" because it basically just shuts us up! We almost get ashamed of proclaiming the gospel and that should never be ... "For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes." (Romans 1:16) When we reach heaven, it will be too late to proclaim the good news to those who are perishing ... the only time to do it is now.

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