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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

a little doggie blog

I've been thinking lately about the relatively recent elevation of dogs (which many believe is a result of Darwinism) in our society ... and I wonder how far people will take it. Perhaps some will eventually request that their dogs/cats/pets be included in their medical coverage ~ remember, I said it here first :)

A few weeks ago, we talked about what it means to be human in our Sunday School class ... "made in the image of God" ... and naturally, the teaching included how we differ from animals and plants. Our teacher talked about how dogs, for example, don't have feelings like we do ... if they get poo on the carpet, it might look like they feel bad, because they've been TRAINED to do that ... but the dog really doesn't care a bit if there is poo on the carpet or not. After all, as Proverbs 26:11 says, "a dog returns to its vomit".

This is probably scandalous to say, or write, but perhaps dogs are more like plants than people. Dogs, like plants, are living ... but dogs, like plants, don't have a soul. They're makeup is only physical ... not spiritual. They don't have a conscience. People are often confused about all of this because they treat their animals as though they are people ~ and some then begin to assume that dogs can have human emotions. Yes, there is some minimum level of interaction that can occur between a human and an animal ... which does not occur between a human and a plant ... but the animal is still an animal.This doggie-love {animal-love} diminishes the value of human life ~ and our uniqueness as being "made in the image of God".

Sure, dogs can be fun and cute {especially the little ones} ... but all of the dogs in the world put together have less value than one human life because only the human has a soul and bears the image of God. For example, we heard this radio show once where the host (who happens to have a dog that he likes) was asking random people ... if they saw their dog and a person they didn't know both drowning at the same time ... and they were only able to rescue the dog or the person ... which one would they choose to save? "My dog," was the resounding and shocking answer. These people placed too much importance on their pets ... and too little value on human life. They didn't view their pets in light of Scripture. A dog is not a child ... and when I hear things like my neighbor saying "There's Daddy!" to her dog, as her husband joins them outside, I can't help but think what a crazy world this has become. Thankfully Adam and Eve had children ... and didn't just "adopt" some cats or dogs ;)

Don't get me wrong ... I really like animals. Birds are fascinating. I enjoy watching the deer prance through our yard. It was even rather delightful to see our fish, Bubbles, wiggle into his little castle the first few times.

In February, we went to the "Believe" show at SeaWorld ~ and it was almost like worship of the killer whales! The whales were kissed, lauded, and praised ... but their Creator ~ who thought these things up and merely spoke them into existence ~ was not. This was a secular show of course so I didn't expect God to get any credit ... but my point is that the animals are viewed as though they have evolved themselves into something wonderful ... as though they deserve some recognition for their unique characteristics and fantastic abilities. Sure, these whales have been trained to do awesome stunts ... but God gave them the ability in the first place. Yes, the whales are amazing ... but their Creator is infinitely more amazing and awesome. The way that animals are so cleverly crafted should point us to worship and praise the Creator.

Our family has occasionally been viewing some of the DVD series, Planet Earth. It is also secular ... but it does an excellent job of showing how incredible this planet really is. God made each animal perfectly suited for its habitat. Some animals are funny looking and some are beautiful. He gave animals the instincts to know what to eat, how to mate, and how to care for their young. Isn't that amazing? Penguins, rabbits, squirrels, dogs, caterpillars, pigs, zebras, mice, cats, turkeys, bears, snakes, and more ~ all are cleverly made & and each was created by God for a specific purpose ... and none of them were intended to be like sons and daughters.

Furthermore, God made amazing fruits and vegetables which contain seeds to grow more! Berries, mangoes, melons, grapes, and kiwi! Carrots, squash, onions, and green beans! These foods are so interesting ... and create by God just for us! Similar to animals, the focus should not be the foods in themselves ~ they should point us to our Creator! Who, but God alone, could invent thousands of unique animals and plants ~ each for a designated purpose in His creation ~ and create them with a word?

This earth is only temporary ... we can't make it last forever no matter how much "green stuff" we do. Yes, we are to take care of God's land and animals ... and not trash it or be cruel. But someday God is going to make a new heaven and a new earth that will far outshine what we know here!

P.S. We also saw a dolphin show at SeaWorld ~ and it was superb! They have great rides there too :)

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I like the "Bubbles" pic you added...pretty colors! :)